Awkward Win32 build procedure (was RE: [ODE] Trimesh collision)

John Miles jmiles at
Wed Jan 14 12:30:29 MST 2004

Actually, now I remember what was causing me so much trouble -- it wasn't
building the .DLL itself, so much as it was getting debug info.  The changes
I made below are mostly geared toward making ode.dll accessible to the VC6

But I'm still not clear on where the *AutoDisableSF1 functions are supposed
to come from.

-- jm

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> > P.S. BTW compling the ODE library as a dll was quite a drag. My teammate
> > Zahid compiled it by changing/adding many config settings and parameters
> Agreed.  The supplied makefile.msvc-dll doesn't even come close to working
> as-is with MSVC6.  Here's my edit, if it'll save anyone else the trouble:

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