[ODE] collion body vs geom

Konstantin Voloshin volk6 at mail.ru
Mon Jan 12 15:45:18 MST 2004

Hello Samuel,

I confirm that there's a slight unusability issue about ODE's GeomTransform,
but cannot see where is the problem from the code you supplied.

You're facing GeomTransform problem, not hierarchical spaces problem, are you?

One thing about GeomTransform I don't remember to have seen in manual is,
that if a transfromed geom is involved in collision, nearCallback gets GeomTransform
as a parameter, not the transfomed (encapsulated) geom.

The rest is described here:

If this doesn't help, post more data on your case, plz.

    GeomTransform problems can be solved without any problems and using

Konstantin Voloshin

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Thanks Konstantin,

You are right, so  is there a simple solution to achieve what I'd like to


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> This may not work if geometry transforms or hierarchical spaces
> (geometry groups) were used.
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> Best regards,
>  Konstantin Slipchenko
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