[ODE] integration with cal3d?

Hampus Soderstrom hampuss at aptilo.com
Mon Jan 12 22:18:39 MST 2004


I am also looking for something similar. I't would be nice to have an 
editor to do your spheres, boxes, joints and motors then export them to 
some oed format and import them to your program.

The ODEed looks nice. Is there anything similar for linux around or that 
comes with sourcecode?

Besides that.. what is your suggestion of format for saving oed objects 
in? I guess alot of people make up their own format now.


 On Mon, 12 Jan 2004, Chroma wrote:

> PT> I would do a standalone editor with
> PT> importers/exporters for custom user formats, yes. In particular I wouldn't try
> PT> to solve the physics format problem since apparently nobody will ever agree
> PT> about that one (esp. since it's somehow linked to graphics). I would just expose
> PT> various classes known to the editor, and let the user create them on input and
> PT> export them on output, via plugins.
> That's actually what ODEEd does.  It let the user write their own
> plugins to export/import their own file format.
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