[ODE] integration with cal3d?

royce3 at ev1.net royce3 at ev1.net
Mon Jan 12 12:38:45 MST 2004

> I would do a standalone editor with importers/exporters for custom
> user formats, yes. In particular I wouldn't try to solve the physics
> format problem since apparently nobody will ever agree about that
> one (esp. since it's somehow linked to graphics). I would just
> expose various classes known to the editor, and let the user create
> them on input and export them on output, via plugins.

As I stated previously, I would like to contribute towards a free (GPL?)
model editor with collision, joint & physics properties.

I remember there being a big discussion about the physics format
problem in the past, but perhaps I could recommend a couple solutions:

1) Contribute a physics importer/exporter to ODE, so that physics
parameters can be stored/retrieved in an open format. Since the code
would be in ODE, it could be updated as needed.

2) Have the editor use a plugin-based system for storing/retrieving
physics parameters in it's file. It could use my #1 suggestion above
as a default, but could be swapped out easily.

> Pierre

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