[ODE] integration with cal3d?

Dominique Louis Dominique at SavageSoftware.com.au
Sun Jan 11 18:35:40 MST 2004

Hi Chroma,
   ODEEd looks quite cool, what project are you using it for?

http://www.DelphiGamer.com := go on, write a game instead;

Chroma wrote:

>>>I think the main problem is actually not the programming part but
>>>rather the fact that no free authoring environment exists where one
>>>could easily rig skinned characters with the extra stuff needed for
>>>physics, like masses, joint limits, and bounding boxes.
> We will soon need to build ode objects around skinned mesh for our
> project. So i'm going to update ODEEd to support bones.
> I've just added a basic support for .x meshes recently, bones
> information arent loaded yet but that will follow soon.
> Btw the last build of ODEEd include a little 'auto check for update'
> feature, so if anyone want to stay updated download the last build
> here: http://www.clancommunity.com/chroma/ODEEd/ODEEd-603.zip

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