[ODE] integration with cal3d?

Sazzad Karim remon316 at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 11 11:29:24 MST 2004

I don't think .3ds has any IK (bone,joints) information of a mesh! Cal3D 
uses its own exporters and plugin to export the IK data. .3ds (RIP 1997)  is 
to old to cut it. I use it though for static meshes :). For your information 
you can find a .3ds import code in www.gametutorials.com site (and an 
advanced one in Code Dump section).

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>On Sat, 10 Jan 2004, Adam Moravanszky [Novodex] wrote:
> > I think the main problem is actually not the programming part but
> > rather the fact that no free authoring environment exists where one
> > could easily rig skinned characters with the extra stuff needed for
> > physics, like masses, joint limits, and bounding boxes.
>Is that a hint?  :-)
>Anyone know where I could find some code to import and render .3ds meshes?
>Juice would then be not be too far from what Adam describes.  I've been
>wanting to add mesh support for a long time, but Juice development has
>slowed to a crawl since I went back to working full-time.
>Nate Waddoups
>Redmond WA USA
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