[ODE] "Tank" cinematics

Emmanuel Marin emarin at t-immersion.com
Fri Jan 9 15:23:32 MST 2004

>  Was the Camera really moving or the the output image
> was just paned in a smaller window??? I could not get
> the real feel of a real camera.

The camera was moving (rotation only) and zooming.
It is from a Sony EVI-D100.

>  Was the Tank/Car colliding with the white box, and
> Remote & CD that were on the table, if it were, that's
> a great Job.

Not yet, but that's a matter of days before doing it - there'll
be a longer time to do a nice MPG for the Web, I
guess, though...

I already wrote here about using ODE within such demos 
a few months ago (even maybe a year ago !), but
now it's for real - even it is "only" to make funnier

In one of the MPEGs on the Web site you can see
a virtual hammer crashing on a real table but this
is a trick, this is not physics : the software simply crashes 
the "virtual hammer" when it knows the motion captor in the 
hand measures a sudden stop... It's up to the person
with the captor to smash his virtual hammer "as if it
was real" against the table (ie : if he continues his
motion, the hammer will pass through the table without 
being crashed). In the MPEG which shows a demo
done on French TV, you can see the guest of the show 
making a sudden stop in mid air, and the virtual hammer 
crashes "for no reason" :-)

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