[ODE] "Tank" cinematics

Manohar B.S sciphilog at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 9 05:13:02 MST 2004

>From the videos I could make out that it's sort of
"Augmented Reality" as against Virtual Reality that
ODE deals with.

 Was the Camera really moving or the the output image
was just paned in a smaller window??? I could not get
the real feel of a real camera.

 Was the Tank/Car colliding with the white box, and
Remote & CD that were on the table, if it were, that's
a great Job.


--- Emmanuel Marin <emarin at t-immersion.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to use ODE "for fun" through a parser 
> of ours (you may check www.t-immersion.com 
> for demos of the software I'm writing about). I 
> succeeded in using the buggy demo, etc. I even 
> could tweak it a bit and still understand what was
> going on, etc... Alas this means I can't share
> the code of the following problem, because
> there is no code, it's just data file that
> are processed before being sent to a kind
> of "ODE as a DLL" (work in progress).
> Now I want to create a "tank" model. The idea
> is simple : let A be the "global thrust", let B be 
> the "global steering", then use A+B thrust on
> one side, and A-B thrust on the other. And no
> steering...
> So I took the buggy demo, and made such
> tweaks. The result is ok when B is 0, but as
> soon as I want to turn, nothing works. When
> A = 0, the "tank" stands still whatever the
> value of B. When A != 0, I think this would be
> wishful thinking to claim B has an effect...
> So, my question is : is such a method OK ?
> If the right wheels go forward and the left
> wheels go, will ODE create the moment that
> makes the buggy turns on itself ? Or not ?
> For the moment, I could make a "tank-like"
> motion by tweaking the buggy in another
> way : I added two wheels, each is a bit away from
> the
> center, on the middle axis, between the front and 
> rear wheels, and with a steering x2 wrt. the "normal
> wheels". I can turn on myself with a very low global
> speed, and take turns when moving, a bit like
> a "tank". But for the ease of the mind, I'd prefer
> the first model I described...
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