[ODE] Performance comparisons between different physics engines..

Henrik Karlsson Henrik.Karlsson at dice.se
Fri Jan 9 13:48:09 MST 2004


I'm wondering if someone has done any comparisons between different engines?
It would have been nice to know how ode performance stands against other
engines. In my case accuracy isn't that important, performance and stability
is the most interesting part.

The following engines would have been interesting to compare with:
Havok (http://www.havok.com/)
MathEngine (http://www.mathengine.com/)
Meqon  (http://www.meqon.com)

I might have missed some other big physics engines, please tell me in that

If anyone knows any physics engines on the net that are using implicit
integration (backwards euler etc) please send me an mail.. would have been
interesting to look at and see if you could "feel" any difference compared
to engines using explicit integration.

Best regards,


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