[ODE] Re: Some missing trimesh functions

Vadim Macagon vadim_mcagon at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 7 11:26:26 MST 2004

> Hi,
> These functions are declared in the tri mesh header and mentioned in the
> manual, but they don't appear to have been implemented yet :|.
> void dGeomTriMeshSetCallback (dGeomID g, dTriCallback *Callback);
> dTriCallback* dGeomTriMeshGetCallback (dGeomID g);
> void dGeomTriMeshSetArrayCallback (dGeomID g, dTriArrayCallback*
> ArrayCallback);
> dTriArrayCallback *dGeomTriMeshGetArrayCallback (dGeomID g);
> void dGeomTriMeshSetRayCallback (dGeomID g, dTriRayCallback* Callback);
> dTriRayCallback *dGeomTriMeshGetRayCallback (dGeomID g);
> It would take like 5 minutes to implement them all, so could someone with
> dev CVS access please do so.

Forgot to mention that these are also missing (but are likewise trivial to

void dGeomTriMeshSetData (dGeomID g, dTriMeshDataID Data);
void dGeomTriMeshClearTCCache (dGeomID g);

Adam, I recall you were going to disable temporal coherence by default...
looking at my checkout of ODE it doesn't appear like you got around to it
yet :).



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