[ODE] Intel/Msvc Compiler

Peter Honeder peter.honeder at hlw.co.at
Tue Jan 6 20:11:04 MST 2004

Hi John!

jnilson_99 at yahoo.com wrote:
> Hi All,
> Is there a graphical frontend(like MSVC++) for linux
> that I can stick on top of the intel compiler? And I
> don't mean emacs/text based stuff. I mean full windows
> with menus and right clickable editors etc.
> I'm now using Windows but would like to switch to
> linux. Unfortunately I love the GUI concept of MSVC++
> too much to switch.

I think a very comfortable development enviroment is kdevelop 
(www.kdevelop.org) which in Version 3 (currently beta2) is really 
powerful and very similar to msvc. If you try it make sure to use 
version 3 and not one of the old releases.

Best regards,


Peter Honeder

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