[ODE] Intel/Msvc Compiler

Nguyen Binh ngbinh at glassegg.com
Tue Jan 6 15:50:54 MST 2004

Hi Tom,

TDM> Just did a little test yesterday, I compiled ODE single precision (the msvc7
TDM> contrib/default) with MSVC and got my car simulated at +/- 700 fps, the
TDM> intel compiled code run at 870 fps.

     I'd bet the 700 and 870 fps stuff doesn't say much thing about
     real performance. It just indicates that your computer is too
     powerful compare to your program.

     I only believe in profilers. They show much more "real" info
     than just a handmade FPS counter.
TDM>  The intel compiler also has automatic
TDM> vectorisation that converts regular loops on floats into loops with SIMD but
TDM> my Athlon only has limited simd support and it still is the _intel_ compiler
TDM> ;)...  I thought it may be interesting in the people trying optimising stuff
TDM> as I see topics about that reguraly popping up :o)  Has anybody else tried
TDM> to fiddle with the intel/msvc compiler settings for optimal performance?

     I didn't play much with them but IMHO, the quality of the code is
     more important than what compiler to use.
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