[ODE] FPS with ODE (again)

Roel van Dijk roelvandijk at home.nl
Mon Jan 5 23:43:48 MST 2004

On Monday 05 January 2004 22:18, Julien LOLLIVIER wrote:
> First, thanks for your reply.
> Since my last message, I'v tweaked some values (erp/cfm) and reduced
> player/other objects friction with some success using AddForce. I'll try
> with rays... What about slip params for you ?
> > www.vrac.iastate.edu/~streeter/castle_project.htm
> This project seems very interesting, looking at screenshots and sources..
> where could i find libcorona ? google doesn't helps :)
I found corona on sourceforge. It's a library for loading images.
corona project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/corona/

I first managed to get the program working on linux with wine. I could look 
around with the mouse but that was all (I think that is a wine issue but I 
have very limited experience with wine. It just didn't capture keyboard input 
at all). Then I installed corona and I could start the program natively in 
linux. It worked but the trebuchet fell trough the floor as did the towers. 
But that was mentioned in the readme. I found the demo very interesting. The 
ragdoll is very funny :-)

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