[ODE] OT : Good US school to do PhD in physical simulation

Gabriel J. Brostow brostow at cc.gatech.edu
Sun Jan 4 10:32:40 MST 2004

Perhaps you mean Prof. John Canny and his former student (now a prof at
UNC) Ming Lin? I only know a handful of the Berkeley faculty, so I could
be mistaken.

Anyway, to answer your question: There is a slowly growing community of
people in computer science doing physical simulation for graphics
purposes. There are certainly lots of other fields using physical
simulation, but I don't know them nearly as well.

Here's a list of faculty - the best way to decide where to go, which I
hope will aid your web-hunt. In general, these folks either came from the
same schools, or "descended" from the same advisors. Also, you may want to
narrow down by picking among animation of characters, fluids, cloth,
weather etc.

(this list is not comprehensive! Just some names from the top of my head)
Victor Zordan (UC Riverside - uses ODE!)
Jessica Hodgins & Nancy Pollard & Doug James (CMU)
James O'Brien (UC Berkeley)
Zoran Popovic & Brian Curless (UW)
Jovan Popovic (MIT)
Michiel van de Panne & Robert Bridson (UBC: Vancouver is fantastic!)
Ron Fedkiw (Stanford)
Maja Mataric (USC)

and of course there's Georgia Tech's Robotics group, with mainly real
robots, but significant interest in simulation too:
(though I'm heavily biased toward the College of Computing branch :)

Good luck,

- Gabe

On Tue, 30 Dec 2003, Nguyen Binh wrote:

> Hi ,
>    Sorry for OT.
>    Any one can give me some info about a good US school that can offer
>    PhD degree in physical simulation? (Anyone like prof. Lin Canny of
>    Berkerly?)
>    Thanks,
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