[ODE] ODE GUI Editor #2...

Megan Fox shalinor at circustent.us
Fri Feb 27 15:50:03 MST 2004

I'm unclear why such would be the case, as it has nothing to do with how you
group your data.  For consistent play-back from a save point, I would save
all data that was even remotely different from default... position, movement
vector, velocity, rotational velocity, etc... still on an entity by entity
basis.  I would store the entire modified entity in the save rather than
delta data, though, simply because the entity data isn't that horribly
large - I'd rather make the loading process simpler/faster, and minimize
chances of yet another subsystem failing.

How would this not produce repeatable results, assuming the rest of your
system is predictable?  You're still storing every bit of momentary data
about the object - you're just storing it on an object to object basis,
instead of in a big data soup.

-Megan Fox

> For save-games, you need to save everything as-is, rather than
> references to previous templates, with deltas. Minute floating
> point issues will make consistent re-play impossible otherwise.
> I e, consider a quick-save, and a UI-recording playback feature;
> you want a playback from the quick-save point to be consistent
> with what happened the first time.
> Cheers,
> 			/ h+

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