Limor Schweitzer limor666 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 27 13:48:22 MST 2004

A few people on this list seem to be XML experts. Sooner or later someone 
will have a shot at defining a general ODE XML schema.  I'd like to throw in 
a couple of requirements/requests with respect to the EZPhysics editor:

a) extensibility- this may be a trivial request (for XML). lets say you 
define the template for a joint of type universal which must be connected to 
two bodies etc. I'd like to be able to extend the template and add stuff 
like like color and transparency to the joint that have nothing to do with 
physics. but by extending, i mean that i want to keep the file a "standard 
ODE file" while adding fields or herarchies that are not part of the 

b) Heirarchy : one of the things i struggled most with my editor was moving 
back and forth between a herarchical bone structure (where each bone has 
coordinates relative to its "parent") to ODE's 
everything-in-world-coordinates. What i'm asking is that since we are going 
to have to wrap ODE in a better wrapper then its current C++ wrapper, lets 
add the possibility of coordinate-transform heriarchies. its not that 
complicated to implement and it make dealing with 3D graphics a whole lot 


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>Hi Limor,
>    I think this lib maybe useful :
>    http://www.cubewerx.com/main/cwxml/index.html
>    :)
>    Hope that we will have a ODE editor soon....
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