[ODE] Triangle-box collider contribution

gl gl at ntlworld.com
Wed Feb 25 21:38:56 MST 2004

If you're on Windows, Tortoise CVS makes this absolutely painless - you can
just right-click the altered source file to create a patch.

Also gives you Explorer CVS integration...

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> Jeffrey Smith wrote:
> > I have fixed the problem John mentions, as well as added some of my own
> > which combines potential contacts.
> [..]
> > The file is available at:
> >              http://www.smokingrobot.com/collision_trimesh_box.cpp
> Cool... if people want to try this out and compare it with the
> current CVS version (NOTE: trimesh-box has already been rewritten
> once since 0.039, and I think we really need a 0.0391 to give it
> a fair trial before we replace it again) then this stands a better
> chance of hitting CVS.
> Could people also please try to submit changes as patches/diffs, or
> at the very least give the base version that their changes
> are based on when submitting whole-file changes.  This very
> drastically reduces the chances of real fixes being mistakenly
> backed-out when a whole-file change was based on an older (i.e.
> the most current release) version.  I don't want to discourage
> people from submitting changes at all, but submitting as a
> real patch/diff just makes a lot of sense.
> Cheers,
> --Adam
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