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Wed Feb 4 13:46:04 MST 2004

BlackEye0210 BlackEye0210 wrote:

> I was just wondring if GLUI is compatible with ODE? And how do you use 
> ODE with opengl without using the drawstuff?

You do not have to even compile the graphics related objects if you are 
compiling ODE yourself, it's completely independent module. Plug in 
whatever 3d engine you wish. With Odejava we have used ODE's internals 
with various 3D scenegraph engines like Xith3D, jME, Openmind and even 
on text console. These are all Java projects.

Basically you have two instances of every object, for each ODE object 
you have to create another object on the 3D engine side. And after each 
world step you query every ODE object's position and orientation. Then 
update new position and orientation to the graphical side objects. Then 
step the world again..

ODE's drawstuff contains (helper) functions that can create 3d objects 
based mainly on ODE object's variables, good example of this is capped 
cylinder. If you are not using drawstuff then you have to add your own 
functions for creating the graphical representation of every ODE object. 
Other solution is to fetch your graphical objects from .3ds files for 
example. Usually one want's to create complex graphical objects and as 
simple physics objects as feasible. A simple ODE box could be rendered 
as a car chassis, sphere can be rendered as a nice looking tire etc.

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