[ODE] spam on wiki area page?

Konstantin Voloshin volk-ode at yandex.ru
Wed Dec 15 14:57:31 MST 2004

I have posted about how UseMod proposes to fight spam bots a week ago.
In case it wasn't noticed, here it goes again:

There's a simple workaround. Set some administrative password ($AdminPass),
and lock the site. Then set the editor password ($EditPass). Only users with
editor password in 'Preferences/Administrator Password' would be able to
edit pages. (see 'Q spam blocking Nov 6th 2004' in
http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?UserHelp )

Editor password could be stored somewhere on the site, or could be sent to
ode at q12.org, or something else. Can somebody here administer ode-wiki, Russ?

It's really easy to try (it took 30sec to try this on my intranet wiki). 

    Seems that ODE-wiki uses older UseMod version. In the latest, history is
    implemented better - you can compare arbitrary pair of page versions.

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> go ahead and fix that - it is an automated chinese spam bot that walks
> through sites - i noticed another wiki in the area was hit by that.

looking at the change logs, looks like the wiki is under constant
attack, and people are continuously reverting it. this is unsustainable.
any suggestions for good wiki software with security features to stop
the bots? e.g.:
* must type in the random letters shown in an image to make changes
* must enter your ode list email to make changes
* other?


Russell Smith
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