[ODE] requested fix in joint limit setting function

Konstantin Voloshin volk-ode at yandex.ru
Wed Dec 8 18:21:32 MST 2004


----- 1. dxJointLimitMotor::set issue

10x for reminding this. I'm not a new user, but these checks have suprised me a lot.
I'm going to remove these checks in my sandbox and suggest removing them in
the CVS also.

----- 2. Wiki area issue

Spammers' activity is really frustraiting. In absence of countermeasures, wiki area
could become unusable. What about having authorisation required to edit pages?

There's a simple workaround. Set some administrative password ($AdminPass),
and lock the site. Then set the editor password ($EditPass). Only users with
editor password in 'Preferences/Administrator Password' would be able to
edit pages. (see 'Q spam blocking Nov 6th 2004' in
http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?UserHelp )

Editor password could be stored somewhere on the site, or could be sent to
ode at q12.org, or something else. Can somebody here administer ode-wiki, Russ?

Konstantin Voloshin

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From: "Tyler Streeter" <tylerstreeter at gmail.com>
To: <ode at q12.org>
Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2004 8:45 PM
Subject: [ODE] requested fix in joint limit setting function

Could someone with CVS access please commit a bug fix for the problem
where joint low/high stops must be set twice?  This problem is bound
to keep confusing new users.  I'll quote Jon Watte since he has
mentioned this numerous times:

"There's a problem where you have to set stops twice, because 
you're not allowed to set stops that even temporarily contradict 
each other. Thus, if the stops start out at 0, and you set the 
low to 2, that will be ignored, because the high is still at 0."

...and here's the problematic code in joint.cpp:

void dxJointLimitMotor::set (int num, dReal value)
  switch (num) {
  case dParamLoStop:
    if (value <= histop) lostop = value;
  case dParamHiStop:
    if (value >= lostop) histop = value;

It might need a special setting function that takes both stops at once.

Also, another thing that might help new users (and reduce some of the
mailing list volume) is putting a direct link to the wiki faq in a
more prominent place (e.g. on the ode.org docs page instead of the
ode.org -> community -> ODE wiki area -> faq).


Tyler Streeter
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