[ODE] Some patches

Adam D. Moss aspirin at ntlworld.com
Tue Feb 25 09:39:02 2003

Kevin Reid wrote:
> Various changes I've found useful and would like to see integrated into
> standard ODE:

These mostly look universally useful to me.  Just a couple of

> makes dGeomSetBody(non-placeable geom, NULL) allowed

Why, though?  I don't see how this could be useful unless
that geom's body was already non-NULL, which is of course
forbidden.  I'd rather get a warning/error if ANY body-
[re]setting operation happens to a non-placeable geom.
Makes things clearer to the user about the whole
non-placeable-geom vs. body situation (ie. "don't even
think about using this API for a non-placeable geom,
even if you happened to get lucky that time and the
semantics of what you asked for were guaranteed to amount
to a harmless no-op.").

>   ########## Allow infinitely thin boxes:

I like this, though I assume that you've checked that the
collision code all works for boxes with one or more 0-sized
lengths (I imagine there could be lots of gotchas depending
on how they're implemented).

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