[ODE] (no subject)

Anselm Hook anselm at hook.org
Tue May 28 22:21:01 2002

you can't easily do this from within the ode gui .  you could do it from
windows in general and embed the ode app inside that...  not entirely
trivial - the ode gui windowing model is specialized for building test
apps.  what you really want to do is separate ode - the physics engine
from ode drawlib - the rendering kit.  if you're doing something
reasonably professional with ode it's pretty much an expected or implicit
assumption that you'd be doing the extra work to embed ode within your own
gui toolkit or framework - be that microsofts gui widgets or something you
cooked up yourself.
On Tue, 28 May 2002, pia dalusong wrote:

> hello,
> i am trying to make a tollbar appear for my robot
> simulator. however i am not familiar with how i can
> attach one to a program i created with ode.  i am only
> familiar with adding toolbars in an sdi or mdi
> application using visual c++.  is this possible and
> how would i be able to do it?  where do i put the code
> for the toolbar creation and stuff.
> thanks
> pia
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