[ODE] Problems with dBodySetFiniteRotationMode, dBodySetFiniteRotationAxis

Dustin Reagan drreagan at Princeton.EDU
Thu May 23 14:53:01 2002

> > Does anbyody has made any experiences with these functions? Or some
> > source code which shows how to use the functions?
> > I saw others had problems with this functions, too, but I think no one
> > could give an instruction on how to implement this.
> > I need it for my car simulation :-)
> I'm also having problems with those functions. I've tried all possible ways to
> use them in car simulation (buggy) but results are alway same, wheels start
> rotating like crazy when they hit floor. I think that this is a ODE bug :-(
> --__--__--

I also have asked about the use of these two functions, and gotten no response...Is there some joke
that we're missing here? Are we just misguided morons?  Are we just not posing the question properly or
providing enough information?  I'll freely admit that I'm a neophyte when it comes to dealing with
motion in three dimensions, so I can imagine that some of the questions I ask might seem laughable to
some of you veterans...

Is it some trick having to do with local vs. global coordinate systems??? or what??? The description
given in the docs for the usage of these two functions is, at least to me, rather obtuse.

ANY input would be greatly appreciated.

Dustin Reagan