[ODE] added dSpaceQuery()

Russ Smith russ at q12.org
Thu May 16 21:53:01 2002

i've added dSpaceQuery() to the CVS, contributed by Nate W.

a few of you have sent me code for your various favourite new features.
this is much appreciated, but if you would like to get your patches
added to the ODE CVS repository in a timely manner then i would ask that
you do the following:

  * send me a context diff (diff -C 2) between your code and the
    current code in the CVS archive. you may also send complete files
    if there have been substantial changes. sending me a bunch of code
    snippets in an email is *not* helpful.

  * send me an update for the documentation file too (ode.doc).
    undocumented features are no use to anybody.

  * follow the coding style that i have used. this is roughly the same
    as the GNU coding conventions.

  * don't use namespaces or exceptions. try to limit yourself to

  * don't change the existing APIs or the semantics of the function
    calls, even if you think it is wrong. new APIs may come along and
    old APIs may be deprecated.


Russell Smith