FW: [ODE] Re: Virtual creatures (karl sims etc...)

G.M. Downie N0051682 N0051682 at hud.ac.uk
Wed May 15 12:17:02 2002

Bart Wrote,
//    Personally i like Delphi, so i wanted to compile the ODE with Borland
//	C++
//	and link in Delphi code (other way is not possible).
//	Perhaps i should just go to Emacs and C++ instead.

I'm currently working on a DirectX Delphi Project using the Delphi Jedi
Headers, and a DirectX C++ project incorporating ODE for a University
Project (deadline is in a week :/ ). I've been trying to keep an eye on
Nate's work on a ODE DLL with the possibility of writing a header for
Delphi. As it would have made my project soooooo much easier.

If you do manage to get the library compiled will C++ Builder to be used in
Delphi, Please let me know because I'd be very interested in the files :)

Many Thanks