[ODE] Re: Virtual creatures (karl sims etc...)

Adam Rotaru adam_rotaru at yahoo.com
Tue May 14 22:32:02 2002

--- "Martin C. Martin" <martin@metahuman.org> wrote:
> ... the biggest problem is that constraints aren't
> until penetration has
> already happened, i.e. until it's "too late."  Then
> ODE adds a force to
> separate the two bodies.  
> ...
> So, I'm toying around with adding the constraint a
> timestep early, i.e.
> on any timestep where two things would otherwise
> start to interpenetrate.

This sounds like a good idea, however it seems to me
that it means double amount of work.
Make a time step, if there are interpenetrations add
Rewind the time step, and repeat it anew.  Persumably 
no interpenetrations occur (or only a few).
So each time step needs to be executed exactly twice.
Extra 100% overhead, which is too much.
But maybe I misunderstand something.


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