[ODE] Re: triangle collider surface

Erwin de Vries erwin at vo.com
Mon May 13 12:23:02 2002

> > More people had this problem. I'm not quite sure why it 
> > happens, but it
> > appears to come from the class initialisation order.
> > > I think I'm down to the last problem now.  Boxes bounce off 
> > the terrain as
> > > expected, but spheres seem to behave as if the surface was inverted.
> Seems like the normal gets inverted. Either in the Box-Tri collisions
> function, or the sphere-tri collision function. A matter of defining the
> upward tri ordering perhaps (clockwise or counterclockwise).

In my simulations they both work.... Isnt that odd?

The suggested normal flip might be a solution.