[ODE] A (hopefully) simple collision response question

Glenn Watson nzglenn at yahoo.com
Sun May 12 20:57:01 2002

Hi, I am having trouble getting a rigid body object to
correctly respond to colliding with a static geometry

The rigid body object has both a body and geometry ID,
and the static geometry is organised as:

Several bounding boxes -> Geometry group -> Geometry

The call back correctly detects when the collision
occurs (the logging messages appear at the exact time
the rigid body and the geometry object come in contact
with each other) but there doesn't seem to be any

The rigid body just continues straight through the
geometry as if it is not responding at all to the
contact joints being created. The call back I am using
is almost exactly the same as the one provided in the
buggy demo, just loops through the contacts, creating
a list of contact joints with dBounce etc. 

I am using a fixed time step of 0.01 but varying this
between 1 and 0.005 has no effect whatsoever.. Does
anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this to


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