[ODE] triangle collider surface

Erwin de Vries erwin at vo.com
Sun May 12 06:01:02 2002

More people had this problem. I'm not quite sure why it happens, but it
appears to come from the class initialisation order. Try to create a trilist
before you create your first sphere, and the other way around, and see what
happens. I think this solves the problem. If anyone could point out WHY this
happens... I have no clue.


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> I think I'm down to the last problem now.  Boxes bounce off the terrain as
> expected, but spheres seem to behave as if the surface was inverted.
> They get sucked through the ground rather than bouncing off of it. If I
> 'throw' a sphere back up from below ground, it bounces back down.  If I
> throw a box up from below, it behaves like it should (passes through, then
> lands on the terrain on the way back down).
> Any idea what could be causing this, or how to fix it?
> Thanks.
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