[ODE] new to the list

Bart van den Broek b.vandenbroek4 at chello.nl
Sat May 11 12:15:01 2002

Hi I am new to the mailing list.
I plan to do something similar to what Karl Simms did some years ago.
(check out: http://genarts.com/karl/evolved-virtual-creatures.html ).
I am thinking to make all joints 100% non self intersecting though.

So far i have been looking into the docs of ODE (yes i think before i start
checking on joints and motors.
So without having made code to begin with i come up with a request already
I would like to have a hinge2 with joint limits on axis 2 as well.
Also i wonder if i can achieve this with a ball socket joint and some motors
& limits.

What i like about ODE is that it has a test framework, including  camera
Very nice to do experiments with :-).

A final note: i ran test_ode and got

         FAILED (1)

All the rest passed.


Bart van den Broek.