[ODE] Boxiangle collision

Erwin de Vries erwin at vo.com
Thu May 2 15:13:02 2002

Have a look at the trianglecollider in the contrib directory. It somewhat
solves the problem you're describing. If you want the perfect solution
you'll have to code it yourself (and open-source it! :), but it works pretty
well for our (racing)games, and a couple of other people appear to have
success with it as well.


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From: "Ruud van Gaal" <ruud@marketgraph.nl>
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Sent: Thursday, May 02, 2002 23:41
Subject: [ODE] Boxiangle collision

> Hi all,
> I have some trouble with colliding a box and a triangle.
> I have a car with a bounding box (OBB) which can hit polygons on the
> The track consists of all triangles, but since a dBoxTriangle (or
> dCollideBT) is missing, I'm generating contact points using the plane of
> triangle and using dCollideBP() (Box vs. Plane).
> Problem is that if you hit a barrier straight on, the plane is infinite
> dCollideBP() thinks the box is way inside the plane, giving explosive
> constraint forces:
>   |  | barrier
>   |  |
>   ----/\
>      /  \
>      \  /  <=car box
>       \/
> Above, you can see that as the car softly hits the barrier triangle, the
> barrier plane actually extends deep into the box, giving big penetration
> depths.
> Does anybody have a box vs. triangle collisions function, or some idea how
> to tackle this? Driving against a barrier now is just scary. ;-)
> Thanks,
> Ruud
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