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Martin C. Martin martin at metahuman.org
Wed May 1 21:08:01 2002

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From: Russ Smith <russ@q12.org>
Subject: Re: [ODE] Euler vs. Runge-Kutta and adaptive step sizes
To: "Martin C. Martin" <martin@metahuman.org>

> One problem I'm having is when things interpenetrate.  One thought I'm
> having is to stick with a fixed step size, but at the end of a step,
> if a new constraint is introduced, redo the step with the new
> constraint. 

it seems like you might have the opposite problem if you do this, i.e.
that bodies might take a long time to actually touch each other.
you'd have to set CFM for the contact to make this work properly, which
might be difficult to tune.


Russell Smith