[ODE] Euler vs. Runge-Kutta and adaptive step sizes

Adam Moravanszky amoravanszky at dplanet.ch
Wed May 1 01:45:02 2002

I think the point is that this isn't exactly a pair of Eulers, otherwise
there would not be any dependency to remove.
-- Adam Moravanszky

> > I agree with you that ODE's LCP solver is also integrated with its
> > integrator to some degree, but this dependency can be easily removed
> > I would not encourage doing that).
> >
> I would! ;-)  I'm currently modelling a system which goes from unusably
> (in the its-only-oscillating/thank-God-for-ODE sense) to rock-solid if I
> the framerate.  Unless my poker knowledge fails me, one trapezoid beats a
> of Eulers by a pretty good margin.